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Pipe cleaners Water Jets Help Drain Cleaning Professionals Blast Blockages for Profits

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Pipe cleaners Water Jets Help Drain Cleaning Professionals Blast Blockages for Profits

Pipes that are blocked with grease cause complications. Chris Fantauzzo believes investing in the appropriate drain-cleaning equipment may turn challenges like these into profitable opportunities.

The proprietor of Mercer Drain Cleaning Service adds that health inspectors need restaurants to clean their grease traps regularly, often once every six months. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly.” He goes on to say that homeowners, homeowners associations, and local authorities are also affected by grease, silt, sand, and ice.

According to him, a business opportunity may be found in every difficulty.

Right Equipment

Because of this, Fantauzzo’s business, located close to Trenton, New Jersey, has included the well-known and dependable JM-2900TM gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners in Mercer’s comprehensive drain-cleaning and inspection options.

He says that when a drain cleaning cable passes through grease, the grease will lock up behind the cable, resulting in the line being clogged. However, the JM-2900 clears away even the most stubborn soft clogs by blasting them with a continuous stream of high-pressure water.

The success of Fantauzzo’s business is helped by performances such as those. One of his rivals recently attempted to remove a clog from a cast iron residential line, but the obstruction was there again just a few days later.

“The guy just snaked through a whole mess of toilet paper,” he recalls, adding that this almost immediately resulted in the line being stuck again. We used our JM-2900 to clear the further downstream obstruction, and then we removed the wad from the home trap. The problem is addressed forever!”

The JM-2900 is a more inexpensive alternative to bigger gas-powered jets. It is also lighter and more agile than competing jets, although it retains the same pressure and flow rate as other jets.

The engine that provides the power is a tried and tested 13 horsepower (389 cc) unit attached directly to a 3000-pressure, four-gpm triplex pump. The hose reel, with a capacity of 200 feet and a reel brake, is set on a sturdy, heavy-duty frame, and it has two tires with a flat-free foam core that provides optimal stability and is simple to handle.

With on-demand Vibra-Pulse® for higher nozzle thrust around tight bends and down lengthy lines, General’s vital gas and electric-powered water jets provide professional drain cleaners with critical weapons against various soft obstructions. The “Jet-Set” product line is praised for its dependability, rugged technology, transportability, and safety features by industry professionals such as Fantauzzo, who may choose from a broad choice of “Jet-Set” models.

Fantauzzo smiles and says, “Until we get our General trailer-mounted jet, our JM-2900 handles lines with a diameter of 4 inches and larger!”

Reliability Vital

A user of General equipment for more than 15 years, he also possesses a tiny and portable JM-1450 electric water jet for use in minor works (lines ranging from 1-1/2′′ to 4′′).

The impressive JM-1450 generates 1500 psi at 1.7 gallons per minute but only draws 13 amps from the electrical supply. It is driven by a 1-1/2 hp dual capacitor enclosed motor with an in-line ground fault circuit interrupter, and it is also equipped with Vibra-Pulse® and the standard safety features that come with General products.

When establishing Mercer, Fantauzzo claims he “picked products I already trusted” initially. Now, the vast majority of his arsenal consists simply of general drain-cleaning and inspection solutions:

  • A digital locator integrated into a Gen-Eye® video system
  • Two Speedrooter 91 root-cutting devices are required for prolonged and strenuous labour.
  • A small Sewerooter T-4TM machine that sits in the middle of the range.
  • Two hand-held, auto-feed Power-Vee® drain cleaners are included.
  • Kinetic Water Ram® is a portable, lightweight, and cutting-edge gadget that securely, swiftly, and effectively clears clogs with solid bursts of compressed air. The device is also known as a kinetic Water Ram.

To achieve maximum efficiency, Fantauzzo frequently combines his instruments. “Using our Gen-Eye, for example, we can precisely locate and diagnose problems; we then select the appropriate drain cleaner to finish the job.”

Fantauzzo warns that water jets are not a suitable replacement for cable machines and cannot clear large obstructions such as tree roots. “That is why we have our Speedrooter 91s and our Metro. Each instrument has its own unique set of benefits. And the one accentuates the qualities of the other.”

Reputation Critical

Every job that Fantauzzo completes, including drain cleaning, comes with a guarantee that it lasts for thirty days. He never promotes. And every one of his rapidly expanding list of happy clients in central New Jersey is the source of his successful business.

Fantauzzo says, “But I Can’t Give a Warranty If I Don’t Do the Job Right,” and he is pretty clear about this point. “And if I don’t have the right tools for the job, I won’t be able to do it to the best of my ability.”

Because of this, he has based his whole company on the drain-cleaning and inspection equipment manufactured by General Pipe Cleaners.

“I run my whole company with General products,” he proclaims. “They improve our reputation in the professional world!”

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