3 Zodiac Signs May Have Poor Horoscopes


let's start


You often think it's hard to merely get by. You often feel conflicted and hypocritical. 

1. Gemini

you'll have no patience for others, not because they're troubling you but because your self-doubt makes you worry they'll bother you.


You've developed a "bad attitude" due to recent disappointments. Just that. You leave before they injure you

2. Virgo

You will see that you are unfair to yourself, and while that unfairness may feel real or inevitable, there is a shimmer of hope on the horizon.


On May 29, during Moon sextile Mars, you may take out your aggression on someone else, which is unlike you.

3. Aquarius

You don't pass the buck, but tonight you're quite angry and want to vent. Unfortunately, you will insult a buddy and feel guilty.


Worse, being unpleasant is the opposite of being an Aquarius, but you can't battle the demons of Moon sextile Mars today. 

Today, we tend to overstay our welcome, so let's take a step back before diving in. Moon sextile Mars affects which signs today?


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