7 Fruit combinations that can be dangerous



Orange with carrot

It is not a good idea to combine carrots and oranges together. Heartburn and renal damage have both been linked to the usage of this mixture.

The combination of papaya and lemon is very hazardous for youngsters as it increases their risk of developing anemia and an imbalance in their hemoglobin levels.

Papaya and lemon

Consuming a combination of milk and orange will make digestion exceedingly difficult and will likely result in a number of health problems. The acid in the orange will kill the enzymes in the cereal that are necessary for the digestion of the starch that is found in the cereal.

Orange and milk

Consuming these two things together raises the likelihood that you may have acidosis, nausea, a buildup of gas, and persistent headaches.

Guava and banana


Never, ever combine fruit and vegetables in the same container. Fruits contain a higher concentration of sugar and are more difficult to digest than vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits

When bromelain, a molecule found in pineapple, is combined with milk, it may create a variety of unpleasant side effects in the body, including abdominal gas, nausea, infections, headaches, and stomach discomfort.

Milk with fresh pineapple

The combination of banana and pudding is challenging for the digestive system to process and will cause an increase in the body's production of toxins, which might be harmful for young children.

Banana and pudding

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