7 Great Reasons to Add Dragon Fruit to Your Diet



Although it's low in calories, dragon fruit is a rich source of many important vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it has a respectable quantity of the fiber that is necessary for a healthy diet.

1. High in Nutrients

Free radicals are chemicals that are unstable and cause damage to cells, which may then lead to inflammation and perhaps illness.Consuming foods that are strong in antioxidants, such as dragon fruit, is one strategy to address this problem.

2. May Help Fight Chronic Disease

Dietary fibers are a kind of carbohydrate that cannot be digested and are associated with a wide range of possible positive health effects.The daily recommended amount of fiber for women is 25 grams, whereas the daily recommended amount for males is 38 grams.

3. Loaded With Fiber

About 100 trillion different kinds of microorganisms call your digestive tract home (20), including more than 400 different kinds of bacterial species.A large number of researchers are of the opinion that this population of microorganisms may have an effect on your health. 

4. Promotes a Healthy Gut


The capacity of your body to fend against infections is influenced by a number of different variables, one of which is the quality of the food you consume.It has been suggested that the vitamin C and carotenoids found in dragon fruit may help strengthen your immune system.

5. Strengthens Your Immune System

One of the few types of fresh fruits that still retain iron is the dragon fruit.Iron is a component that is essential for the process of carrying oxygen throughout the body.

6. May Boost Low Iron Levels

One cup of dragon fruit has 18% of the recommended daily intake for magnesium, making it the fruit with the highest magnesium content overall. Your body typically stores around 24 grams of magnesium, which is equivalent to about one ounce.

7. Good Source of Magnesium

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