7 Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits



Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) is a measurement that determines how quickly carbohydrates elevate glucose levels in the blood (also known as blood sugar).

Studies have had mixed results on the role of citrus in preventing kidney stones. In a review of three studies, research showed that grapefruit juice increased the risk of urinary stones, while orange juice decreased the risk.

Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones

Citrus fruits have been linked, on the basis of some data, to possibly having a cancer-preventing impact. Specifically, the citrus fruit in question was shown to have a protective effect against Cancer of the lungs,Esophageal cancer,Bladder cancer and Cancer of the breast.

Protect Against Cancer

Improve Your Heart Health Research has shown that eating citrus fruits may help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. In particular, the flavonoids found in citrus fruits provide protection  against Oxidative stress ,Inflammation  and Diabetes.

Boost Heart Health


Citrus fruits have a high vitamin C level, which may help your immune system fight off a cold more quickly. However, it is unlikely that eating citrus fruits can completely prevent you from getting a cold.

May Shorten Colds

Citrus fruits, whether they are consumed as juice or in their complete form, are an excellent source of hydration. In addition, since they contain a high amount of vitamin C, they facilitate the body's absorption of the iron found in meals.

Hydrated and Absorb Other Nutrients

Citrus fruits contain flavanones, which have been shown to have possible neuroprotective effects. Citrus fruits may have a preventive effect against: and Schizophrenia.

Protect Brain Health

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