7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Lying on You


Protective dogs are natural. They protect their pack, territory, and family. Your dog may defend you because they consider you part of their group.

You're Safe

Humans lack many dog talents. They hear noises and smell smells we can't. Dogs' ability to feel emotions is remarkable.

They Feel Your Stress

Dogs get cold too, but they don't wear coats or blankets like people do. When your dog is chilly, they want to be near something warm, generally another animal or person.

You're Cozy Warm

Emotional dogs are uneasy about many things. Your dog may look sluggish, yet they may not feel safe in your house.

They Feel Insecure


If your dog is ill or hurt, they may want your consolation. You know how it feels to want to lay on the floor with your head on your pillow when you have a headache.

They May Be Sick or Painful

Another option is that your dog wants a quiet place to relax. They require love and care even if they don't like to walk or play fetch.

They Want Rest

Dog owners know that their pets' unconditional love and devotion is one of their favorite things. It's easy to get caught up in the cuteness, particularly when your puppy hops on the sofa or bed and naps next to you.

They're Too Cozy