7 Signs a Dog May Bite


Dogs may display aggressive behavior for a variety of reasons, including dominance, fear, or protecting their territory or things. The body language of an aggressive dog may give you clues as to whether or not he is likely to bite

Agressive Behavior of a dog

Growling and Snapping

It is likely that a dog's growling and snapping are the most noticeable warning indications that it is preparing to bite. When a dog is upset or uncomfortable, it may growl at you or snap at you to let you know.

The Dog Has a Waggling Tail This is one of the indications that a lot of people are taken aback by. Dog trainers often hear pet owners say that their canine companion was happily wagging its tail right up to the time it bit someone.

Waggling Tail

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You could notice that the hair on a dog's back is standing up if the dog is anxious or highly excited. In other dogs, the raised hair is limited to the area on the back of the neck that is between the shoulders.

Raised Fur

Often when a dog is about to become aggressive, his body language is a dead giveaway - no pun intended. A comfortable, happy dog usually has a relaxed body with their ears low and a happy, wagging tail.

Rigid Body Posture

If you watch a dog closely and observe that it is licking its lips (even when food is not involved), yawning often, or tilting its head to the side to avoid meeting your eyes, the dog is attempting to communicate with you.

Lip Licking, Yawning and Averting Gaze

Cowering and Tail Tucking

It is more obvious that you are dealing with a nervous dog if it cowers and tucks its tail when it sees you coming than if it licks its lips or yawns. Even if nervous dogs don't always bite, the risk of them doing so is significantly increased.

Seeing the Whites of the Eyes

This is something that a lot of dog trainers refer to as whale eye. When a dog moves their head very slightly but doesn't move their eyes, you'll be able to see the whites of their eyes, which are called the sclera.

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