7 Things Your Boss Does That Can Lower Your Motivation To Work



Doesn't recognise employee's efforts:

All too often, managers disregard the contributions of their workers and the job they carry out. They are unable of appreciating the efforts that you put in to complete the assignment. It's frustrating when you don't get recognized for your hard work, and it definitely lowers your drive.

Doesn't know the meaning of transparency:

A company that does not practice transparency has a negative influence on the trust and loyalty of its workers, and it is the manager's responsibility to foster good communication rather than hiding away in their own private bubble.

Relies on the same people all the time:

There will be some excellent workers, and there will be those that are shown to be good employees because the boss thinks them eligible enough to be promoted, to be given chances. At the workplace, favoritism is the most prevalent practice among many of the supervisors.

Isn't capable of getting involved in conflicts:

 Mediation is part of supervisor's job. Bus some choose to run away and play safe. A clear sign of lack of leadership because, if the boss refuses to engage or communicate or understand the problem and solve, it's nothing less than a toxic workplace.


Doesn't know how to manage things:

It may be quite aggravating if your supervisor never accepts responsibility for anything. When a supervisor is unable to provide their team with clear instructions and isn't readily accessible to provide assistance or answer questions, the whole team may expect to be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Underestimates the task at hand:

If your manager expects your work to be completed in half the time that it should ideally take, this might convey a signal that the boss has no concept what is involved in the work that their workers are responsible for.

At some time in their careers, everyone will have to deal with a supervisor who is too cheap to act and talk. You are dissatisfied with one thing or another, but if you have a manager who is cheap, they are causing damage to themselves since more people will leave the organization because of their behavior

Too cheap to act and talk:

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