8 Best Exotic Pets for Kids




This pet mouse is frequently neglected despite its high intelligence; they are larger, less timid, live longer, and are simpler to manage than many other types of mice. Rats each have their own distinct personalities and like the challenge of solving puzzles and playing with toys.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are often fairly friendly and may be carefully handled by their owners without fear of being bit. They learn your routines and are quite responsive, both of which keep children engaged in what's going on.


Taming a gerbil may take some time and patience, but if they are used to having their cages handled often, these rodents may become extremely pleasant. Due to the fact that they are sociable, it is best to keep them in pairs or, even better, in small groups.

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Bearded Dragon

"Beardies" are friendly reptiles. Bearded dragons are normally non-aggressive and the ideal size for people with little hands. They are more durable than geckos with thinner skin. These lizards have a diverse range of dietary preferences, and they like eating a variety of foods.


Mice are a very low maintenance pet that do not need a very huge living space. In most cases, a colony of female mice will live in harmony with one another and provide hours of amusement with their antics.

Leopard Geckos

However, leopard geckos can only consume live insects; they will not consume any other types of plants or vegetables. Caring for leopard geckos is among the simplest tasks associated with keeping reptiles.


Hamsters do not need a large amount of room, and it is recommended that they be housed individually. With proper care and handling, hamsters can often grow fairly docile and even engage in some playful behavior with children.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Cockroaches are neither endearing nor cuddly, nor are they interactive or sensitive in the same way that animals are. Despite this, studying insects may be quite interesting. Because they need very little attention and care, these pets are perfect for households with younger children.

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