8 Ways To Survive Natural Disasters



1. Have a backup plan

Having a strategy to get out of a dangerous situation is something that should come naturally to you, but having a backup strategy will significantly boost your odds of surviving the ordeal.

Because the weather might suddenly turn for the worse in a matter of hours, you should always make sure that you are suitably dressed for natural catastrophes.

2. Dress for the coming weather

During times of natural disaster, you may be able to survive for a considerable amount of time by consuming just the fat stored in your body; however, the amount of water you will need will change depending on the degree of activity you engage in and the temperature.

3. It’s all about the water during survival

You may claim that this is pretty basic information and that everyone ought to be aware of it. When it comes to surviving natural catastrophes, I couldn't agree more that this is an essential component.

4. Assemble a proper Bug-out Bag


In the event that you are making preparations to bug out, you should also consider how you would ration whatever extra supplies you have.

5. Ration your bug-out supplies

 You should at least try to save huge creatures like horses and other large animals, even if it will be more difficult to do so than it would be to save small animals like cats and dogs.

6. Don’t forget about pets and other animals

When it comes to bugging out, time and perspective are of the utmost importance. The majority of those that specialize in survival would agree that the first hour of the evacuation operation is the most important.

7. Stay put if you missed your chance of bugging out

Learn how to make a distress signal in case you are forced to remain in your location and cannot escape the danger. If you know how to correctly signal for assistance, the rescue teams will get a significant boost, and you will be rescued more quickly.

8. Make yourself seen and heard

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