Get Over High-Functioning Anxiety By Making These Small Changes



Practise consciousness:

Meditation and deep breathing are mindfulness techniques that can help us in familiarising ourselves with our thoughts and becoming better at understanding the anxiety.


The ability to relieve tension and anxiety is one of the many benefits of creativity. Finding healthy ways to express ourselves creatively, such as painting, dancing, or drawing.

Spending less time on social media:

Spending our time on social media and seeing the posts that other people make might give us a sensation of FOMO (fear of missing out).


Having a good schedule may assist us in becoming better at managing our anxiety.

Time management:

The stigma that surrounds mental health might make us anxious about seeking out for help when we need it.

Seeking professional help: 

Self-compassion may be developed via the practice of self-care activities such as massage, yoga, and meditation.


Establishing objectives that are both attainable and realistic, as well as anticipating acceptable performance from oneself, will lead to a reduction in feelings of worry and tension.

Set realistic goals:

Fear and concern may be made worse by negative thoughts. Putting a halt to one's habit of excessive pondering might be helpful in the fight against anxiety.

Controlling negative thoughts:

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