Is My Cat Happy?

A happy pet cat


Every cat is an individual and, like humans, may show happiness in different ways, there are some pretty universal happy cat clues. Many signs let you know if your kitty feels joy.

Vocal Clues


Cats have the ability to vocalize their contentment. Vocal kittens will fill you in on everything that's going on and will go on drawn-out chats with you. Sounds with a higher pitch are seen to have a "happy" quality.

Body Language


A calm and satisfied cat would lie with its front paws curled under, its ears pointing forward, and its eyes "sleepy" probably at half-mast.  A sign of contentment for a cat is when they blink their eyes in response to your stare from across the room. 

Engaged and Confident


A healthy and contented cat will exhibit an interest in its surroundings. It's possible that it's the "supervisor cat" who has his paw in everything new that's been added to the home.




Kittens that are healthy and have been properly socialized will never stop playing, and they will never know anything else than pure joy. The act of playing is a wonderful indicator of contentment. 



Cats may sleep more when they are ill or unhappy, but the locations in which they like to sleep might provide insight into their mental state.



Cats who have a positive mental state take the time to groom themselves regularly. When your cat is well groomed, this is a good indicator that it is healthy, happy, or recovering from an injury  is a symptom of emotional distress, sickness, or physical pain.



Consuming Food Content and content cats have robust appetites. Oh, they could con the owners into giving them more treats or food by using their bluffing skills. 

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