Moon & Mars Signs Will Tell You If Your Relationship Will Last


Mars symbolizes your wants, activities,violence, and how you express anger and handle conflict, while Moon represents your inner world, emotions, and what you need from others to feel emotionally secure.

Moon and Mars signs

Let’s take a look at how the Moon and Mars can work with each other between two people.

Mars-Moon synastry

This mix causes disagreements and emotional outbursts. Mars is irritated with Moons and considers them indecisive and emotionally weak.

Moon square Mars synastry


This couples aspect works better than Moon square Mars. Mars may motivate the Moon to take action and gain self-confidence, while the Moon calms Mars and provides a home and work basis.

Mars trine Moon synastry

When a conjunction occurs in synastry, the energies of the two planets must be considered to determine if this is a positive and helpful aspect or a difficult one.

Moon conjunct Mars synastry

This is by far the worst combination for Moon-Mars. Have you ever seen a couple that is prone to continuous arguments and disagreements? Well, this is that couple.

Moon opposite Mars synastry