To reduce belly fat quicker, make these lifestyle and food adjustments


Large changes demand a lot of drive, making them hard to maintain. A minor modification approach may be more helpful for long-term weight gain prevention and reduction.

Large changes are hard to maintain

Small modifications you make may be simpler to maintain over time since they fit into your daily routine. Here are some examples if you're having trouble designing tiny changes:

How to do it?

Spending 20–30 minutes walking may burn up to 100 calories, whether you're talking to coworkers or friends.

Walk and talk


Most TV ads run 2-3 minutes. Use this time to perform crunches, lunges, or squats. An hour-long show with three commercial breaks may burn 100 calories.

Take a break

Cheese, butter, mayonnaise, and ketchup enhance flavor, but they also have more calories than we realize.

Avoid add-ons

Lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate are more calorific than you believe. Cutting them out might lower your calorie consumption by 100-200. If you can't live without coffee, try a smaller cup or drink it black.

Take your coffee black