What's kept Mike Blowers from calling more Mariners games this year

let's start


First and foremost, Mike Blowers wants you to know he's well and looking forward to announcing Mariners games again.

Blowers' absence from the Mariners' TV broadcast for a month, except for one game on the previous homestand, has raised concerns. and conjecture.

Longtime announcers build affection. They become family-like. Since Dave Niehaus, Blowers has been a Mariners broadcaster.


As a slugging third baseman for six seasons, he helped the 1995 amazing run to the ALCS. His voice soothes every game.

Fans were naturally curious about Blowers' absences. Dave Sims and Aaron Goldsmith have joined Blowers as ROOT Sports baseball analysts.

Blowers says his phone is full of well-meaning friends and coworkers calling and emailing. 

No harm, people. An recurring health issue—two, actually—has caused a terrible month of idleness. 



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