Your Kitten's Development in the First Six Weeks



First six weeks of a cat's life 

The first six weeks of a cat's life are critically significant because they have a significant impact on the cat's personality and character for the rest of his life.

Week 1

Your brand-new kitten will spend the first week of its life acting like a little machine that processes food. The kitten's primary concerns will be consuming food and developing its body. This week, it will more than double the weight it had at birth.

Week 2 

Your new kitten is continuing to develop at an incredible pace, gaining at least 10 grams in weight every single day.The eyes will gradually open, and by the time it is 9 to 14 days old, they will be fully functional. The color of the eyes of every kitten will be blue during the first few weeks of its life

Week 3

As their digestive systems continue to mature, kittens may now remove waste on their own will.They will begin to interact with one another and other people, and they will become curious in their environment and desire to investigate it more.

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Week 4

As it approaches one month of age, Kittens are becoming better at walking without falling down.They will engage in increased interaction with the other members of their litter, even going so far as to establish "alliances," which may or may not be based on gender.

Week 5

At this point in their development, kittens may be started on food from a can. Choose a high-quality brand of canned kitten food that has chicken as the first component and has a listed meat source as the second ingredient.

Week 6

If you start socializing a kitten when he is this young, you will have a much easier time shaping his personality and his interactions with people when he is an adult cat.Kittens are capable of continually entertaining themselves as well as the humans.

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